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Wireless IP Links

G.S. Broadcast Technical Services Ltd provides a full range of wireless broadband products, services and solutions for point to point IP broadband, structured T1 service, or point to multipoint. Applications include typical data, voice and video, as well as video surveillance, or as a fall-back or replacement for fibre.

Wireless is ideal for areas where fibre is not available, or could be construction challenged; wireless can be deployed in as little as a few days, for a fraction of the cost of a fibre build.

G.S. Broadcast Technical Services Ltd provides full end to end design, build, and support. It can include application and data capacity analysis, bandwidth recommendations, wireless path survey, tower site selection and build, indoor wiring to demarcation, configuration, alignment, test and commissioning.

We will optimize the configuration for your application. Correct installation of outdoor wireless networks directly relates to reliability. Wireless can be designed to achieve 99.99% or 99.999% availability based on variables in the design process. Our designs include proper grounding, lightning arrestors, ice shields where required, and many other variables that allow a service to have high availabilityAnnual preventative maintenance programs are recommended and offered by G.S. Broadcast Technical Services.

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