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Shipping Policy

Shipping of orders: All orders are shipped prepaid, with the shipping cost added to your invoice. If you prefer, you may provide us with the name and account number of your chosen courier, and your order will be shipped collect to you on that account. Additional shipping charges will apply if you request partial shipments. 

G. S. Broadcast Technical Services Ltd. supplies Broadcasters, Audio Professionals, and the general public across CANADA. We do not ship internationally.

Items lost or damaged in shipping must be claimed immediately!

Follow these steps to insure that you are covered in the event of a shipping problem:

  1. Count your boxes and be sure you are signing for the correct number of boxes as indicated on the waybill.
  2. Examine the shipment and note any damaged boxes on the waybill before signing for the shipment.
  3. Once you have received your shipment, examine the contents as soon as possible. Most courier companies allow only ten days to make a claim for damages.