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Requesting a quote or information on products

Create your own custom quotes by going to the cart page and adding items to your cart that are not listed on our website, and then using the "check out" function in your shopping cart you can submit it to us and create a PDF printable quote

There are thousands of products listed, but it is not possible to list every product we carry. If you can't find what you are looking for, just add them to your cart and a quote will be returned to you with the latest price - the best price possible - on any of the products we are able to offer. Quotes will be presented in writing via email (PDF format) and available online if you have an account. Most quotations will be presented the same business day.

** GS Broadcast Technical Services serves the Canadian Broadcast Industry, and may be restricted from exporting to some areas. Check our Manufacturers Links for dealers outside Canada.

Apply for a Preferred customer log-in, and your own GSBTS account in PDF format.