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Digital Voice Processor

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VIP/digital is your top choice in mic processing, because it bundles the industry’s finest digital audio processing advances in one compact, economical package.

From its Smart Detection De-esser to the integration of a natural-sounding reverb with comprehensive adjustments, not a single processing tool you need is missing. There’s even a delay line, rarely included in products of this class, but indispensable for post production.

• Two Mic inputs: Their selection can be programmed via presets.
• Studio Reference-Grade Mic PreAmp: 24-bit converter, 48V phantom power and up to 54 dB gain for dynamic microphones.
• Low latency: VIP/digital has a total maximum latency of less than 1.5 ms – among the best anywhere.
• Compressor: With a straightforward design for easy operation, it handles everything from a whisper to a scream.
• Expander: Adds natural sounding dynamics to your voice.
• AGC: Automatic Gain Control with sensible controls.
• De-Esser: Removal of unwanted sibilance while preserving the upper frequency spectrum.
• Parametric EQ: Four individual, single band EQs offer selectable frequency, Q, and bell or shelving contours.
• Built-in Phase Rotators: Switch out phase rotation in your main processing for cleaner, clearer music, while adjusting phase rotation only on the talent line – just where it’s needed.
• VIPVerb: High quality reverb section with easy to set parameters adds the exact amount of ambience you desire.
• Delay line: Provides compensation for time delay in post production environments.
• Subsonic Filter: Eliminates low frequency 'garbage' that can degrade overall sonic performance if left unchecked.
• Variable module order: With the Sound Control Software, you simply drag and drop any of the above objects into the desired order for optimal processing of your signal.
• GPI/GPO: A variety of I/O controls integrates your VIP/digital smoothly and intelligently into your studio workflow.

• VIP/digital
• VIP Software
• SmartCard
• Manual
• PowerCord


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