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Gateway Wheatnet - 16

16 Mono / 8 Stereo IP Audio Codec w/ Wheatnet-IP

List price: $22,570

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This model comes with the Wheatnet-IP card installed. The WheatNet-IP card delivers interoperability with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Environment and allows codec sources and destinations to be controlled using Navigator software.

The Tieline Gateway is the most powerful DSP-based 1RU IP codec enabling transport of multiple channels of mono or stereo audio across the Public Internet or any QoS-enabled IP network, including T1 and T3 connections and private WANs with MPLS. The Gateway streams up to 16 IP audio channels with support for AES67, ST 2110-30, AES3 and analog I/O as standard.

Its feature-rich and compact design is interoperable with all Tieline IP codecs and compatible over SIP with all EBU N/ACIP Tech 3326, 3347 and 3368 compliant codecs and devices. The Gateway is ideal for:
- Audio contribution and managing multiple incoming remotes.
- Studio-to-Transmitter Links.
- Network syndication of programming.
- Multi-channel links to remote studios.

- High channel density with 16 bidirectional mono or 8 bidirectional stereo IP streams
- 16 assignable GPIOs, plus SLIOs (Tieline and WheatNet-IP)
- Ideal for contribution/remotes and audio distribution applications
- Stream IP audio over WANs using dual Ethernet ports
- Fully AES67 and ST 2110-30 compliant for AoIP streaming
- WheatNet-IP interface option available
- Supports multicasting and multi-unicasting, multi-multicasting & multiple multi-unicasts
- Internal Solid-State Drive for record and playback
- Dual DSP based platform with dual internal power supplies, dual Ethernet ports, dual [1] AoIP ports, and dual USB ports for firmware upgrades, memory or Wi-Fi modems.
- Supports uncompressed audio or a huge range of encoding options
- USB 2.0 port support firmware upgrades, Wi-Fi modems and USB memory sticks. USB 3.0 will support record and playback
- SD card slot for firmware upgrades, memory and SDIO options
- Fully SIP EBU N/ACIP 3326, 3368 and 3347 compliant to operate with 3rd party codecs
- Module slot for future technologies and hardware upgrades
- Fully remote control using the Toolbox HTML5 Web-GUI, or the Cloud Codec Controller, plus SNMP support
- Connect simply using the TieLink Traversal Server [2]

A Flexible Upgrade Path
The Gateway has two standard versions:
- Gateway supporting 8 Channels in/out (8 Mono or 4 Stereo)
- Gateway supporting 16 Channels in/out (16 Mono or 8 Stereo)

The codec also supports a flexible upgrade path that allows you to buy a Gateway with 8 channels and upgrade the codec over time as needs change or your network expands.

Order 8 Channels Now and Upgrade Later…
Order a Gateway with 8 channels and immediately have access to 8 input and output channels and stream up to 8 mono or
4 stereo streams of IP audio. If you need to expand channel and stream capacity, simply purchase an upgrade license and
expand capacity in pairs up to 16 channels in total. Options include:

Gateway: 8 channels in/out with the following licence options or combination thereof:
- 2 Channel Upgrade: TLR6200-LIC1ST
- 4 Channel Upgrade: TLR6200-LIC2ST
- 8 Channel Upgrade: TLR6200-LIC4ST


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