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1" x 9" CableWrap (10 pack)

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1" x 9" CableWrap (10 pack) Black.

This medium long Rip-Tie CableWrap is for use on extension cords and power cables from 20-30 ft. & pneumatic hose up to 15 ft long.

Handy pull-tab release allows you to rearrange cable groupings with ease.

Keeps cables neatly and safely out of your way.

One end permanently attaches to the cable...the other end has a pull tab to free the Rip-Tie with one hand.

Durable, made of the best quality hook and loop touch fastener...tested for 10,000 closures with no loss of holding strength.

Used in many industries and in the home....wherever it is important to secure cables, keep them organized, and eliminate cable safety hazards.

Reusable and permanent...won't add non-recyclable materials to the environment. You can stop throwing cut plastic ties away.


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