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Dual Bay Outboard Rack for "Edit Centre"

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The Edit Center Series of multimedia studio furniture has been designed to provide an elegant, ergonomic workspace for the audio, video and digital content professional.

This application designed studio furniture is equally suited for all editing environments including post production editing suites, corporate video production rooms, campus learning labs, and broadcast production facilities.

Edit Center racks specified with door kits include noise control and cooling systems mandated by today’s increasingly powerful computers and noisy hard drive arrays. Gasketed doors (plexi front and solid rear) along with internal acoustical absorptive material reduce noise escaping from the enclosure by up to 22db. The rear door features a factory installed ultra low-noise cooling fan, plus a removable filter kit for air intake, while a brush grommet at the door bottom allows cable exit while maintaining a seal for noise and air flow. All Edit Center racks are assembled at the factory to save you time.

Desk systems are available in two sizes: 84” and 60” wide and include substantial overbridges capable of accommodating multiple 21” computer monitors as well as large program monitors. Two pivoting speaker platforms allow you to place your audio monitors at the optimum listening angle and are standard equipment on all Edit Center overbridges.

You have a choice of two overbridge styles to optimize your system: one features two 4-space rack bays angled for direct viewing, while the other features an open span underneath. Either style is available for any Edit Center desk.

• ES* 60" desk (includes overbridge)
• ESUR* 60" desk (includes overbridge with (2) 4 space rackbays)
• EL* 84" desk (includes overbridge)
• ELUR* 84" desk (includes overbridge with (2) 4 space rackbays)
• EDS* 60" producer/client desk, no overbridge
• EDL* 84" producer/client desk, no overbridge

• S12D* single bay outboard rack (with front/rear doors, cooling kit)
• S12* single bay outboard rack (no Doors, or cooling kit)
• D12D* dual bay outboard rack (with single front/rear doors, cooling kit)
• D12* dual bay outboard rack (no Doors, or cooling kit)

Finishes Available *specify with order
• DC = Dark Cherry
• HM = Honey Maple
• PS = Pepperstone


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