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RDS/RBDS Dynamic RadioData Encoder

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Inovonics’ third-generation 720 incorporates a number of important features to make installation and operation simple, straightforward and safe.

The 720 automation command set remains compatible with earlier models for seamless integration alongside existing encoders. The front-panel LCD screen allows the user to scroll through and confirm all setup and operating parameters without the need for a computer on site. Incoming data from station automation can be seen ‘on the fly,’ and scrolling messages are displayed exactly as they are seen by listeners.

Intuitive software, built-in data diagnostics and transmission safeguards make installation virtually foolproof and help protect against accidental misuse. The 720 supports European CENELEC and United States NRSC standards.

RDS Aplications Supported:
• PI (Program Identification) A “digital signature” for your station, based on call letters in the US and Canada or on an authority-assigned identifier elsewhere. 720 software automatically calculates PI codes for the US and Canada.
• PS (Program Service Name) The station’s “street name” that automatically appears on the receiver faceplate in static-PS operation. This field scrolls song titles or other messages in the dynamic-PS mode.
• PTY (Program Type) An identifier for your station’s format based on a list of pre-defined categories. Highend RDS radios can search for listening preferences.
• TP (Traffic Program) A data flag identifying stations that routinely include traffic bulletins in their programming.
• TA (Travel Announcement) The TA data flag is broadcast only during a critical traffic or other emergency announcement. Some RDS radios automatically retune
to a station airing such announcements, and TA broadcasts may even override CD or MP3 entertainment.
• RT (RadioText) This is a 64-character block of plain text messaging that can be scrolled on the faceplate of some RDS radios. RadioText is separate from, and in addition to, scrolling-PS messages.
• AF (Alternative Frequencies) The 720 sends a list of up to 25 frequencies for networks or stations with rebroadcast ‘translators.’ This allows RDS radios to seek the strongest signal for a specific transmission.
• DI (Decoder Information) An indication of whether the broadcast is monaural or stereo.
• M/S (Music/Speech Switch) A data flag to indicate either music or speech-only programming.
• RAW (Raw Data Entry) The 720 accepts certain Free Format Group commands to transmit hidden data within legitimate RDS groups.


720-00 [Information & specifications]

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