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Base Chassis w/ 5 Empty Slots for NIO Cards

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Davicom’s NEURO is a 1U 19’’ rack-mountable box that allows you to mix and match GPIO boards to give you precisely the I/O count that you need. These GPIO Boards, the NIO-8A for 8 Analog Inputs, NIO-8D for 8 Digital Inputs and the NIO-5R for 5 Relay Outputs, are inserted into 5 independent slots within the NEURO chassis.

The NEURO can be ordered with up to 5 NIO boards in various combinations to give, for example:

- 8 Analog Inputs and 5 Relay Outputs
- 40 Analog Inputs
- 40 Digital Inputs
- 8 Analog and 8 Digital Inputs as well as 5 Relay Outputs
- 16 Analog Inputs, 16 Digital Inputs and 5 Relay Outputs

Many more combinations are possible, with a single constraint that a NEURO can only accept a maximum of 2 x NIO-5R boards. In this case, the 3 other slots can be populated with combinations of NIO-8A and NIO-8D boards.


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