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5 Relay Output Interface

List price: $805

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Compact and intelligent module with 5 Relay Outputs (Form C. 70 VAC @ 0.4 A, 30 VDC @ 2A) for controls & automation, with the capability to receive remote commands from other Davicom family products. It comes with a complete SNMP Agent and has the possibility to be configured as a Modbus Slave.

Davicom introduces two new intelligent products specifically designed for smaller remote telemetry applications. They provide users with autonomous devices for alarm, monitoring & automation functionalities at a very competitive price. Thanks to their SNMP agents, these products are the perfect remote telemetry companions to report to any SNMP Manager,
including the Cortex Series. Moreover, their HTML5 web-based interfaces provide an easy-to-operate environment for the visualization and configuration of the units.

The Axon-8Dís inputs are available for reading logic levels or wet/dry relay contacts, with programmable active-high or active-low settings.


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