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Silence Sensor Jr.

Silence Detector

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The Silence Sense Jr. is a microprocessor based silence sensor system that accepts single ended audio with a user adjustable input level control.

May be installed at transmitter locations and interfaced with auto-dialing remote controls for instant notification of studio, STL, or phone line failures. Can be interfaced with small transistor radio earphone jack and connected to sounder or light for alerting of personnel.

Adjustable silence detect time duration
Switch selectable momentary or continuous relay contact closure output
Automatic reset with reapplication of audio
Battery backup and supplied AC power adapter

Input: Impedance is 10K ohms minimum, single ended, RCA female connector
Input Level: -30 to +10 dbm., input adjustable
Silence Detect Time: 5-60 seconds, user adjustable (custom or longer timing available)
Output: Normally open single pole relay contacts, 1 A rating @ 30 VDC, 1 second momentary or continuous closure...switch selectable, RCA female connector
Power Requirements: Supplied adapter, 115 VAC to 9-12 VDC, 100-200 ma.
Battery Back-up Requirements: 9 VDC alkaline battery, NEDA 1604A (supplied)
Size: 4.4 x 2.6 x 1.1
Shipping Weight: Approximately 2 lbs


SS Jr. [User Manual]

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