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Crown Broadcast

2000 Watt FM Amplifier

List price: $22,623

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Designed and built with the same quality and value that hallmarks all our products, Crown Broadcast now brings you a unique amplifier package in the FM2000A.

A highly efficient power amplifier system, the FM2000A offers you long-term reliability and ease of use in a modular package that includes a PA2000 amplifier, PS2000 power supply, and accessory pack.

The addition of the Model FM100 Exciter creates a complete Transmitter System.

With a power supply efficiency greater than 90%, the FM2000 broadband amplifier requires no tuning and typically provides 80% RF efficiency across the band.

Combined, these units provide unmatched efficiency by providing cooler operation and lower utility costs which can significantly improve your bottom line.

Carefully engineered, solid-state design ensures economical long-term reliability.

Eight 250-watt power modules are replaceable during operation with only a slight power reduction, resulting in uninterrupted air time should the need for service ever arise.

The amplifier and power supply are uniquely designed to be lightweight and compact for convenient shipping. Together, these modular units are only seven rack-units high, and require just three simple connections for installation.


FM2000A [Product information]

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