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Soundot AF1

iPhone Earbuds w/ Built In FM Reciever

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Blackloud's SOUNDOT AF1 is an innovative in-ear headset for iOS Lightning devices, that provides the unique ability to access FM radio regardless of location, even without access to internet. The AF1 headset's built-in FM receiver lets users tune directly into FM radio to listen to their favourite podcasts, talk shows, sports, music, weather and emergency broadcasts, without requiring internet connectivity (Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE) or an activated FM chip in the iOS device itself.

Listening to FM radio in real time via the built-in FM chip, rather than streaming it over the internet, has a number of benefits. It uses no mobile data, saves battery life, eliminates the delays inherent in streaming, and provides access to emergency information broadcast on FM during crises when connectivity fails.

SOUNDOT AF1 headset features patented psycho-acoustic technology, dual dynamic driver design (separate woofer for deep, impactful bass with clean vocals and clear instruments) and an inline microphone. The AF1 control box allows users to effortlessly adjust the volume, select between songs, take incoming calls or even bring up Siri via its multifunction button.

The SOUNDOT AF1 comes with a user-friendly iOS App: SOUNDOT (available on App Store) not only to control the FM tuner but also to adjust Equalizer and Sound Effect settings guaranteeing premium lossless audio quality for everyday use (listening to music, watching videos, answering calls and activating Siri).

The SOUNDOT App's 6 band customizable graphic equalizer, 3D stereo and sound effect settings can help you to dial in the sound that suits you the best.
Furthermore these settings can be saved into the SOUNDOT AF1 headset's flash memory enabling the users to play music and enjoy the same customized EQ and sound effect settings on other music Apps as well, and on other iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) they connect their headset to, even if the SOUNDOT App is not installed on the device.

NOTE: AF1 requires Soundot App to tune and listen to FM channels. Initially downloading Soundot App and log in to your account (either Google, Twitter, Facebook or mail) you will need network connection (LTE, WiFi etc.) but after these steps are completed the headset will fully operate without it.

Top Features :
Embedded FM Receiver with RDS
Patented psycho-acoustic technology
24 bit codec DSP, premium audio quality
6 bands of EQ & 3D sound effects
Save EQ and sound effect settings into the headset to playback across all music apps or iOS devices
Dual Dynamic Driver technology
Soundot App with FM tuning and audio quality control
Brings up Siri via multifunction button


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