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DARC Surface 8 Bundle

Digital Console, Software, Dante Interface Bundle

List price: $6,277

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***Included in this package***
DARC Surface 8 digital AoIP console.
Simple IP 8 (A or D) nodes (qty 2). 8 stereo inputs & 8 stereo outputs.
DARC Virtual Software.
Windows PC not included.

Simple & Effective
8, 12 or 16 Channel Models. DARC Surface comes in 3 different models depending on the number of channels that you need. This means that you can choose what size best fit your needs. Whether the 8 with its small profile yet powerful design, or the 16, with all the faders you could ever need.
DARC Virtual Console Software. The DARC Virtual Software comes included in the package deals. The DARC Surface works in harmony with the DARC Virtual Console software.

Simple IP. The DARC Surface, along with the DARC Virtual Console, will work with any Dante enabled device on your network. This includes our Simple IP units, which can have either Analog or Digital Inputs & Outputs

Programmable Inputs & Outputs. Control anywhere in the world.
The DARC Surface is a Digital AoIP console. Being digital means that your audio is handled digitally, and there is no signal degradation within the board. It is protected from RF, and is very flexible.

Being AoIP means that the DARC Surface has access to any audio input or output on your Dante local network. Quickly select your inputs and outputs via the DARC Virtual Console software. OR swap assignments via the 4 programmable buttons on the DARC Surface.

Being Windows based, you can also use any remote control app to control your board anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The DARC Surface is the ultimate in power, flexibility and value.

Stylish & Functional
OLED Displays - The DARC Surface utilizes long life OLED displays. These displays show what source channels have been selected for each channel. These OLED displays are high contrast, easy to read and beautiful to match.

LED VU Meters - Complimenting the DARC Surface, we gave it two pairs of bright, 20 segment stereo bargraph LED VU Meters. These meters have an extremely long life span utilizing the latest in LED technology.

LED Switches - Momentary switches are 5 million operation & LED illuminated, for an extremely long life. No more need to replace switches or bulbs.

Compartmentalized - The DARC-Surface is sleekly designed with its compartmentalized design. All of your audio input and output wiring goes to your Simple IP units, while the DARC has limited wiring to make your studio stylish and functional.

Pure Digital Control Surface Experience
The DARC Surface is a pure digital control surface. All audio inputs & outputs are connected through the Simple IP Surface. And all audio is mixed via a Windows PC and the DARC Virtual software. The DARC Surface is simple a physical control surface that gives you control over the DARC Virtual software.

Installing the DARC Surface is quick and easy. The only connections on the DARC Surface are a USB and an RJ45 for the DARC Surface LED Meter input.

What you need to get started
To get started with DARC AoIP is extremely simple. You only need two components:

(1) Dante Audio Source - You need to connect your audio sources, such as your microphones, headphones, phone systems, automation, etc..., to the Dante audio network. You can do this using the Simple IP analog or digital nodes, Dante AVIO adapters, Dante Virtual Sound Card, or any other Dante enabled device. Once your device(s) is connected to the Dante network, this step is complete.

(2) DARC Virtual software - Then all you need is the DARC Virtual console software ran on a Windows PC (not included). This software is designed to recognize Dante devices on your Local Area Network (LAN), and then gives you the ability to control any of these devices.

Optional - You can now connect other optional equipment to your Dante network to expand your setup as necessary. Whether you want to use a physical control surface such as the DARC Surface, or add more equipment to your Dante AoIP network such as Simple IP. It is all expandable to as large as you want or need.


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