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G.S. Broadcast Technical Services Ltd. has constructed many studio and
transmitter facilities for FM, AM & television broadcasters over the years.

When you chose G.S. Broadcast Technical Services Ltd. to be involved in your
project, we can manage as much or as little as you require. Some aspects of the
project management may include:
- Budgeting
- Developing floor plans
- Preparing building permits
- Preparing requests for quotations/proposals
- Co-ordinating building systems design (mechanical, electrical, etc.)
- Leasehold construction
- Co-ordinating facility design
- Equipment ordering
- Determining & ordering supplies
- Co-ordinating installation work
- Project scheduling
- Facility commissioning
- Every other detail until your facility is complete!

Our design team will work with your staff to design a facility that meets your
needs. We use our experience to ensure you have a flexible, low maintenance
and reliable facility. Once your project is complete, we will provide detailed as-
built documentation in both paper and electronic forms.

Our installation crew is able to install any of your facility’s systems. We pride
ourselves on doing this in a professional, neat and efficient manner. Once the
installation is complete, they will also assist the design team in the
commissioning of the facility.